Trunking – solutions bring trust to customers

Trunking – solutions bring trust to customers

Cable raceway system gives users absolute confidence. Most popular cable systems in industrial use to protect cable tray to avoid electrical problems caused millions of dollars damage or adversely affect the safety of the equipment as well as the People around. So a cable tray system is designed and installed consistent is essential to help users complete peace of mind and confidence in the level of safety during use.

Trunking – space saving solutions

The installation of the cable tray system will save more area carry-cap-dien-dot-lo01003 compared with conventional cable pipeline. When selecting cable tray system uses the customer will not need phaii interested problem size increases support systems and structures to accommodate the cable area. In fact, the pipeline is the preferred option because they are consuming not good space and nearby occupied area of ​​the system and other equipment. Cable tray system will help customers overcome this problem easily.

Cable tray – cost saving solution

ladder membrane-cap When comparing costs between using cable tray systems and pipeline systems, most customers wired recognize that cable tray system is the solution that enables cost savings on the line to protect the project. Use cable tray customers can save from 10 to 60% of the cost of labor and raw materials. However, the total cost savings from the use of cable tray depends on the complexity and size of installation. The cost of initial installation when using the system tray instead of the pipeline cable wire helps reduce some other costs subsequent costs such as maintenance and expansion costs and avoid waste electricity in the manufacturing process, reducing environmental problems and the cost of data collection systems. However difficult customers can identify cost savings unless the customer has the conditions to realize them instead of letting them exist in the form of potential.

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